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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

It's Wednesday! A new day and the first day of a new month. Can you remember all the months of the year? Can you spell them all? Remember to always use a capital letter for the names of the months. What month is your birthday in? Hope you have been enjoying doing your daily exercises with Jo Wicks? Mrs Lee and Miss Henry have both been joining in every day! I wonder if your grown ups are joining in as well at home? Let's all keep active!

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Complete 3 pages of maths questions in your SAT’s  books.


Please use the link to listen to the story Lost and Found

 Stop half way and think about how the characters were feeling.  See if you can create some opposites.

 Look at my example.

The boy was cheerful, but the penguin was miserable.

The boy was ___________, but the penguin was _______________.

Please create at least five sentences in your home learning books.


Choose a book at home and read for 10 minutes.


Please use the link to create a picture of a boy.


Use the PowerPoint and follow the activities.


See you again tomorrow.