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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning year 6. Let us start with the sign of the cross to show that we are all part of God's family.

Today's Learning


Maths: To explore larger numbers in Roman Numerals.

First, let us try the Roman Numerals quiz attached to the blog.

Now, open the Powerpoint (Maths) attached to the blog, read over the information from each slide and complete the activities in your book.

English: To develop your description into a story.

Open the Powerpoint (English) attached to the blog, recap all of what was done this week and then use the story mountain to help you plan your story.


You will need your laptops for research this afternoon. 

Science: Understanding how light and shadow work.

Click on the link above and watch the clip on ‘Light and Shadow’.

 • Choose a scene from the clip to use as the starting point of a documentary about how light and shadows behave and work together.


•  Research (on the Internet) how sundials work.


• Finding out how Stonehenge marks the midsummer sunrise.


LO: To create a design specification for a bridge.

Click on the link below and watch the video.

Open the D/T document attached to the blog. Some of you might have done your design and are ready to build your bridge. Look over your specification and take note of measurements – in cm. If you haven’t done your design you will need to do that now. You will start building (from k’nex or lolly sticks) your bridge on Thursday.