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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


MathsProperties of 2D & 3D shapes  -click on each title to get the information about 2D and 3D shapes. You do not need to watch the entire video  if you can answer the questions on the worksheet.

Open the 3D-shape document attached below and complete the questions in your book.

English – Exploring poems

Open  the document below (Mama) and read the poem. See if you could identify some poetic techniques and write them in your book.

Answer the questions about the poem - write the answers in your book.

Grammar –  Suffixes: -tion,    -ssion, -cian – click on each suffix  to watch the video.

Choose your level of work on suffixes (from the document attached) and complete the task in your book.


Science: Light

Click on the link below and complete worksheet 3.

Write the sentences in your book and fill in the missing words.

To match the answers at A and B write each statement in your book and choose the matching word.

Now, check your answers.


Computing- Log in to Purple Mash and complete the set task '2Connect Computer Inputs'