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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning and here are your activities for the day.

Have fun!


Maths: To find fractions of amounts

Click on the link below, watch the videos and complete the activities in your book.

English: To write an engaging argument

Recap what you learnt yesterday about writing an argument – remember the key features and the structure. Read some facts about the London Eye from the document attached.Find the facts to support your argument.

Now, debate this point: The London Eye is a safe adventure.

This is my summary paragraph- What will yours be?

One of the best things about the London Eye is that you do not just pop out at the top and take in the view. Interestingly, the view is slowly revealed to you as you climb higher and higher. Therefore, for the first ten minutes, you are having more and more of London revealed beneath you. The highlight of the ride is the ten-minutes at the top; where the views are the most expansive and the sense of fear is eliminated; making the ride a safe and secure adventure.

What makes your argument engaging? Write three things



RE: To understand why Christians spread the Good News of Jesus.

Open the RE Powerpoint below, read the information, discuss with your adult if one is present.

Then answer these questions in your book.

1.Why do you think the women were meeting outside the city for a time of prayer?

2. What do you think appealed to Lydia in Paul’s preaching?

3.What do you think is meant by the phrase ‘the Lord opened her heart’?

4. How did Lydia respond?


Computing: To create a slide show

View the slide show below then use the information about the London Eye from your English lesson, to create your own slide show about the London Eye.