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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                                                  Wednesday 29th April 2020


Maths: To add Fractions

First, use the answer sheet attached to mark your Maths work from yesterday. Then,

click on the link below, go to year 6, week 2, Wednesday- start the lesson, complete the quiz in your book then check the answers. Once you have done your corrections, watch the video and complete the independent task in your book.

Timestable Rockstar

English:  To use persuasive devices in a balanced argument.

Read the information from the powerpoint below: Balanced Argument.

Create a mind map of the key features in a balanced argument.

Write down points for and against the topic: ‘Graffiti is Art’ Points for and against should be written in your book. Tomorrow you will write your argument.


Science: Light

Complete the Light and Dark worksheet below and then mark your answers. An answer sheet is included in the attachment.

ART: Graffiti

Explore how graffiti can be used to produce personalised designs. How about doing one for your football, gymnastic or dance club. Create one of your own.