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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                               What is the name of the river that the London Eye overlooks?


Maths: To be able to calculate missing angles in quadrilaterals.

 Open the Powerpoint below ( Angles) and read the information about the different types of angles. Have a go at the examples from the powerpoint and then complete the angles worksheet that is attached.

English: To identify and use active and passive verbs.

 What do you remember about active and passive voice? Read the information from the powerpoint below to refresh your memory.

Now, complete the active and passive worksheet that is attached below.


Geography: Rivers

Click on the link below, read the information about rivers and take notes.

Then watch the videos and test yourself at the end.

Science: Investigating Light

From the investigation worksheet attached below, choose one of the activities to investigate. Use the planning sheet at the start to help you write up your investigation in your book