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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                                                          Monday 27th April 2020


Maths: Click on the link below, go to year 6, week 2, Monday- start the lesson, complete the quiz in your book then check the answers. Once you have done your corrections, watch the video and complete the independent task in your book.

Challenge: Please complete Revision sheets   1 and 2 from your home learning pack.  This can be done on the sheet.


Click on the link above to read the text – read as much as you need in order to answer these questions below.

Some questions have a number at the end to show which page you can find the answers. Write the answers in your book.

1.On what date and at what time did Salim board The London Eye? 3

2.  What does A.W.O.L. stand for?

3.  What is Ted’s mum’s name?

4.  Where did Aunt Gloria and Salim live?

5.  What is Kat’s full name?

6.  What city were Salim and his Mum moving to?

7.  What new job was Gloria starting in New York?

8.  What ring-tone did Salim use on his phone? 27

9.  What do Ted’s parents work as?

10.  What was the name of the place where Ted’s dad was working? 44

Spelling: Word Families

Open the document and complete the spelling practice below




 Create a cover page for your new RE topic : Witnesses

Her are some words you could include: witness, courage, truth and peace

Read the RE text below and answer these questions.

1.How do you think Connor felt?

2. What would you do?

3. It is better not to be a witness-discuss


Science: To know how the human eye works

Read the information from the slides in the powerpoint: How we see things.

Write an explanation on how we see things. Use diagrams in your explanation.

Then, complete the eye worksheet. You may need to draw the diagrams in your book and label the parts of the eye.