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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Let us pray:



Maths: To multiply fractions less than 1 by whole numbers.

Pleqase see the powerpoint attached.

English:To identify and use question tags as an informal style of writing.

Spelling: Copy this week's spelling words in your book and complete the sentences from the first three slides in your book.


Reading Skills: Read the comprehension 'Shirley Chisholm' attached to the blog and answer the questions.

PE: Rugby

Warm-up: British Bull Dog

Bring the two teams into the middle and explain the rules.

1 – Team A are scoring their trys down that end, (point), therefore passing back this way towards X.

2 – Team B are doing the opposite, running where? (ask question) Passing which direction?

3 – Emphasise that the first thing you do is RUN WITH THE BALL – GO FORWARD!!

4 – Two hands on the ball, two hands and tackle for tackle.

5 – 3 seconds or 3 steps to pass 

ball ® look where you are passing.

6 – Give the children a count-down 3, 2, 1 PASS!!

7 – Play first to 2 trys and swap teams.

Geography: Map work-To identify the highest points in the UK. Please see powerpoint.