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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Today's Prayer.


Maths: To name and describe properties of 3D shapes and compare nets for different 3D shapes

  • name and describe 3D shapes
  • begin to draw and recognise nets of 3D shapes and understand these can be drawn in different ways. Complete the Maths activities from the powerpoint (3D shapes)

Extended Writing: To edit and improve a description.

The buildings were tall and close together. In the sky, the sun was setting. The river was calm. The bridge was still. All the lights were coming on. This city felt lonely.

Task:  Improve the description of the city. (Look at the picture at the top of this blog)

Use expanded noun phrases, the full range of senses, similes, precise adjectives and verbs.

This piece of writing will be further developed into a story tomorrow.


Reading skills: Read the comprehension passage: ‘Malorie Blackman' and answer the questions in your book.

RE: To know that Advent is the time of expectation.

Start with a prayer. What does the word Advent mean? Read the attached scripture.

Answer these questions in your book.

 What are the expectations upon Christians during this season of Advent?

How are we expected to prepare for the coming of Jesus?

Add pictures to your explanation.