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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

What changes do we need to make in order to unite against bullying?



Maths: To calculate volume of cubes and cuboids.

Open the powerpoint attached to the blog to access today's lesson. Try the volume worksheet attached.

English Grammar: To identify and use adverbs effectively. Please open the Adverb powerpoint attached to this blog. Go through the information and complete the sentences in your book.

Spelling task: Use this week’s spelling words to complete the given sentences. Open the spelling document attached.


RE: To understand the meaning of Expectation. Talk about the difference between ‘I would like/wish for’ and ‘I expect’. What is the same and different? Read the text attached to the blog. Then answer these questions.

Questions to be answered in your book.

  • 1.Why is it good to have high expectations of others?
  • 2.What kind of expectations do people have of you and why?
  • 3.Why is it good to trust and believe in one another?
  • 4.What do you think of Grandad’s expectations of Harry and Emma?
  • 5.What happens if you let people down or others let you down?
  • ART: Anti-bullying Week: Please see powerpoint - watch the video. Children to create a poster with a positive thought. ‘We are better as a team, not on our own.’ add pictures.