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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Monday 16th November 2020

Today's Learning


Maths: To calculate perimeter and area of rectangles

  • Describe the shape on Screen 6.8.1a using appropriate mathematical language.
  • Discuss what the area and perimeter are, and how they can be calculated. Point out how squared paper can help.
  • Explain that we use cm, m, mm or km to measure perimeter and square cm, m, mm or km to measure area. Talk about measuring the area and perimeter of a garden and how they would be written.

Work through finding the perimeter of the shapes on the screen.

Then try the perimeter challenge that is attached to the blog.

English: To use modals verbs to express possibility.

Have you ever made a promise? Can you write it down on a piece of paper? Distinguish here between promises and secrets and tell children to write down a promise that they don’t mind sharing. Ask children to pass it on to the next person and may be even the next and ask them to open it. Tell them that they are now responsible for that promise. How hard would that be?

Read the information from the powerpoint(Modal Verbs) and complete the sentences in your book.


Spelling: Copy this week's spelling words in your book and complete the activity from the powerpoint (spelling) attached to the blog.


Reading Skills: Read the comprehension passage and answer the questions in your book. Please see the passage attached to the blog.

PE: Rugby

LO: To be able to use the ‘forward pass’ and 'offside' rules. Pass and receive the ball with increasing control under pressure.

Geography: To identify the physical and human features of the areas where the Vikings settled in Britain. Please open the powerpoint(Human and Physical features) to access today's lesson.