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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy


This morning's Prayer

Today's Learning

Maths: Arithmetic Challenge : Please open the document attached to the blog and complete the activity. Mark your work at the end.

English: Extended Writing

Re-read the book and think about the main events.  Pupils can sequence the events of the story using story mapping, drawing, and annotating their maps to show the events and drawing on their knowledge of the characters and how they have changed through the story.

Have a look at the teacher's storyboard powerpoint that is attached to the blog.

 Edit and improve your storyboard from yesterday .

Exp: Children to retell the story in their own words.


PE : Rugby Skills


You will need a partner, try to involve someone at home.

  1. Stand a ball carrier behind the retriever.
  2. They throw or rolls the ball either left or right .
  3. The retriever has to run forward to either catch the ball or gather it before passing back and resetting.


  1. Stand 2m away from a ball carrier along a 5m line.
  2. Get the ball carrier to throw it left or right so the catcher can take and pass back the ball with one hand.
  3. Make sure the catcher jumps and lands on their outside foot before they catch and then return the ball. Practise this several times.

Art: Create your own Children in need poster

What information will you include?