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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Today's Prayer


Maths: To identify and create equivalent fractions. Please see powerpoint-Equivalent Fractions

Extended Writing: To rewrite a story from a different perspective

A graph of emotions can be used to show the emotional journey of characters, by comparing their emotional state over the time continuum of the story.  Consider the emotional journey the girl or the citizens in the city have gone on since the start of the story. Think about the emotional range of the character you want to graph and select words to demarcate the y axis of your graph. Spend some time thinking about the most suitable words to use – is it sad? Or could you describe the emotions experienced better by using words such as miserable, despairing, or desolate?  Use a thermometer image to build up a scale of suitable words, perhaps in small groups, and share these as a whole class, selecting appropriate vocabulary for your graph.

Exp: Open the document with the story structure and then record the key events from the story(The Promise) using a story board, mapping boxes.

Write the story from your perspective. To be continued tomorrow.

Title: The Promise


Reading Skills: Read 'The Magic Hammer' and answer the questions in your book.

RE: To learn about the different Jewish festivals

Use the powerpoint (Rosh Hashanah) to access the lesson. Read through the information on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur then answer the questions from the last slide.