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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Today's Prayer

Tuesday's Learning


Maths:To change improper fractions to mixed number.

Please access today’s lesson from the powerpoint, reading frm slide 12.

Then complete the Maths worksheet attached to the blog.

English: To continue story in the style of the author.

Click on the link below.


From the video: 'The Promise' look at the page with: ‘I forgot the food and money' and ends with 'my promise'. Note how the central image has shifted across the book's gutter, where previous single page illustrations of the city had tended to sit on the left. What might lie behind this shift? Consider the introduction of brighter colours in the shape of the birds surrounding the sleeping girl. Why does she say that she feels 'rich beyond my wildest dreams'? Now is an ideal time for children to make further predictions, drawing upon what they have read so far and what is presented on this spread.

EXP: Children to read over and edit their writing - add figurative language for interest.

Spelling task: Complete the sentences using this week’s spelling words.


Reading Skills: The Wartime Diary of Eliza Beale. Please see comprehension task attached to the blog.


RE: To learn about the Jewish faith.

What do you know about Judaism?  The Jewish people are a race of people who, traditionally, have followed the Jewish religion.

Use the information in the powerpoint (Judaism) to find out who  the founder of Judaism and where it started. Complete the task at the end.

ART: Remembrance

Go through the powerpoint-Remembrance

Then, write a short poem or prayer on the tombstone template and make a poppy to display in front of each tombstone. These will be used to create a Remembrance Space in the year 6 classroom.