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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Let us pray:

Today's Learning


Class Assembly: Click on the powerpoint attached to the blog for today’s assembly.

Maths: To change mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Please open the Powerpoint (Fractions) to access today’s lesson.

Spelling: Copy the spelling words from the powerpoint into your book and complete the activity on slide 2.


Click on the link below. Watch the time and stop after 4mins. Listen to the story up to : ‘But slowly, slowly, slowly shoots of green began to show….’

Exp: Children to continue the story in the style of the author.


Reading Skills: Read the comprehension passage attached to the blog and answer the questions in your book.

PE: Rugby- LO:To develop attacking skills- understanding

when to run and when to pass.

 If you are at home, use the link below and follow the instructions.

Geography: To use cardinal points

Look at a map of Europe, identify the areas where the Vikings settled. Use Cardinal points to show where these places were.

Watch the video from slide 2 then complete the activity on the last slide.