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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Wednesday 4th November 2020



Maths:To order and compare negative and positive numbers.

Please open the powerpoint (Negative Numbers) and follow the instructions to complete the task in your book.

English: To write a prediction

Use the information you gathered yesterday to write your prediction of what the book is about. Have a close look at the front cover at the top of this blog. Read my prediction below.

I think the story is about a girl who ran away from home because she was reprimanded by her parents. Feeling miserable and unhappy, she got to a deserted area, sat on the ground and counted acorns. At the end of a seemingly childish activity, she made a promise to follow her dreams and find herself a job.

From looking at the picture on the front cover, she looked sad, lonely and forlorn. Moreover, her surrounding was dull, dry and bare. This showed the gloomy prospect of success for anyone who lived in that area.

Furthermore, the front cover gives me the impression that she lived in a deprived area where a crowd of people gathered to get food and other support from the government.

With her bag of acorns, Mary wondered off to the city where she found a job as a landscaper/ designer. She went back to visit her village and realised that the area had improved and was looking more like the garden at Buckingham Palace – full of life and beauty.


Reading Skills: Read the text( Treasure Island***) attached and answer the questions in your book.

Geography: To identify Viking settlements in the UK.

Recap what children have learnt about the Vikings-when they came to Britain and why. Where did they come from? On a map, identify these places.

Use the blank map to identify some of these places where they settled.