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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                                                      Friday 24th April 2020


Maths: Click on the link below, start the lesson- 'Compare Fractions less than one', do the quiz. When you are finished, submit the answers and close the quiz. Click on next activity (at the bottom of page) complete the questions in your book.

Check your answers


Click on the link below, go to year 6, click on Friday and watch the video. After the video, click next activity at the bottom of the page and write your newspaper report in your book. This report is the one that you planned yesterday about the boy missing from the London Eye. Look back at the powerpoint below to remind you of the key features.

                                                           Boy Missing after Misadventure

Yesterday at about 4pm, Salim board the London Eye, a famous Ferris wheel. When the ride ended, he was nowhere to be found .



Art and Design

You will need:

A Pencil

Colouring pencils

Two sheets of A4 paper

Different textures (surfaces)

Click on the link below, go to year 6, click on Friday, click on the foundation topic: Texture Treasure Hunt, watch the video and complete the task.

Your Frottage should include some graffiti work.

Stick both sheets in your book.

I will need to select the reader of the week so send me a book review of this week's book.

Have a lovely weekend.