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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                                           Today's Learning - Our vocation

Good Morning Year 6. Let us start with the sign of the cross.

Prayer Leaders: Read today's prayer from powerpoint (attached below).



Maths:To use short multiplication

  • Chn work out 7 × 2863, making an approximation first. Ask some chn to use the grid method.

Task: Generate a number 1000–10 000 on Random number generator tool 6.6.2.

Follow information on powerpoint attached below.

Task: Book 1-  page 51 (Mrs Stacey’s group) They should use column method. Page 52 whole class.

English: Present writing appropriately: using appropriate features of layout and presentation

Read examples of Haiku from the powerpoint (slide 47-50). Discuss why they are called by that name. Model writing examples.

All: Create their own haiku, using the success criteria to help them. Take ideas from the story.


Reading skills : Using inference and deduction

Children to read the poem and answer the questions in their book.


LO: To understand the vocation of a priest

Prayer: prayer leaders to pray

Recap learning from  the last lesson. Read the information on page 72-Come and See.

Hot seat a child who would like to be a priest. Children to ask prepared questions about his reasons for being a priest, his commitment of service and his day to day life in the parish. Imagine you are the Vocations Director for your diocese. Watch the Video showing the Promises made by the Ordinand to the Bishop during Ordination - Come and See resources.

Task:  What qualities do you think the Vocations Director should look for in someone wanting to be a priest? Explain that the priest is like a like bulb – how will he shine? Write the qualities inside the bulb then colour(make sure that the qualities can be seen.  Cut the pictures out and stick them in the correct order in your book. Explain what is happening next to each picture.

GD: Why do you think that training to be a priest takes many years?

Why do you think that priests do not marry?

 How do you think a person knows that God wants them to be a priest? Draw a picture of your ideal priest and annotate with qualities. Use techniques from your Art Lesson.