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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Please see powerpoint for daily prayer.


Morning Prayer: Please see powerpoint below

Maths:To convert grams to kilograms and vice versa, convert millilitres to litres and vice versa.

Open the power point attached below, read the information and complete the set task in your book..

Spelling: Complete the spelling task with this week's words. (attached below)

English:To identify and use the features of an autobiography and a biography. Read the information (autobiography) from the powerpoint attached.

From Kensuke’s Kingdom, children highlight the important events in Michael’s life and write an autobiographical account of his life.


Reading Skills:Read the comprehension passage(attached below) and answer the questions in your book. Then, check your answers.

PE: Click on the video link below and follow the instructions.

History:To compare Viking houses to present day homes.

Looking at pictures of Viking houses and annotate the features. What materials were used for these houses. How are they different from houses we see today?

  Draw and annotate the houses, showing the key features.