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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

                                                    Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good morning and welcome back.

Maths: All work should be done in your book.

Today, you will be using this web page to do all your work.

Click on the link below, go to year 6, Wednesday and complete the Maths activity -Finding Equivalent Fractions. Watch the video then click on next activity.

English: Listen carefully and write down the word of the day.

Click on the link above, go to year 6, Wednesday and complete the English task - Newspaper-you have done newspaper articles with me before.

Watch the video then do the next activity.

What are the features of a newspaper report? Write them in your book.



LO: To understand why Christians celebrate an Easter Vigil.

Read the information from the powerpoint: Easter

Answer these questions in your book.

1.Why do you think the Easter Vigil takes place at night and what do you think it symbolises?

2. What makes Easter a time of joy?

3. How do you think the readings help the people to understand what is being celebrated?

Read the prayer below and then write one of your own.

May the power of the Holy Spirit, O Lord, we pray,

Come down through your son, into the fullness of this font,

That all who have been buried with Christ

By Baptism into death, may rise again to life with him.

Art: Graffiti styles around London

•Write your first name using a graffiti style.
•Remember it does not need to be neat and precise, we are emulating the graffiti style.

  It must be colourful