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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy




Maths : Open the starter activity below and complete it.

Then, compare and order the numbers from the worksheet. Write the answers in your book.


English: Look at the front cover of the book: The London Eye Mystery-What do you think the story is about? Ask your grown-up what they think. What clues can you get from the pictures? Now, write one paragraph explaining what you think the story is about.

Then complete pages 40 and 41 (Synonyms and Antonyms) from your English Practice Book.



Science : Read the information from the powerpoint on Light then answer these questions in your book.

1.   What is the difference between light from the Sun and light from the moon?

2.  Why does an orange look a different colour to a banana?

3. Why can’t we see anything without a light source?

4. How does a periscope work?

Now challenge yourself - complete the science worksheet below.

A periscope lets you look around walls, corners or other obstacles. Submarines have periscopes so that people inside can see what is on the surface of the water.

A periscope is a useful example of the law of reflection at work. It’s important that your mirrors are placed at a 45° angle, because light always reflects away from a mirror at the same angle that it hits it. In a periscope, light from an object strikes the top mirror at 45° and bounces off at the same angle. This sends light directly down the tube and onto the lower mirror. This mirror, also at a 45° angle, reflects light directly to your eye. 


RE: Complete activity on Busy Things - Easter Sunday