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Welcome to another day of learning!

Home Learning Blog – Monday, 30th March

Welcome back to another week of your home learning! I hope you had an exciting weekend, and that you were able to come up with some interesting things to do, even though we aren’t able to do as much as we might like.  Don’t worry though – I’ve got a lot of fun activities to keep you busy today.

Here are today’s activities:


  • LO: Using modal verbs
  • Remember, modal verbs express certainty, ability, and obligation.
  • That may sound complicated, but if you remember learning about them and using them in class, you’ll find they’re rather easy to use.
  • Complete the tasks on the uploaded English document.
    • Complete the story board in your home learning book – you don’t have to draw, but instead you can write bullet point notes.
  • Use the Think and Write questions to help you write a list of 10 sentences what used the listed modal verbs.
  • Look at the image
    • For the Writing Task, decide which character from the image you would like to interview to find out what had happened.
    • Write a list of 5 questions, then make up 5 answers that the character might say. Be creative! Remember to try to use some modal verbs ;)


  • LO: Column method subtraction
  • I won’t go into much detail on the method you use for these types of questions; you’re all pretty amazing at it! Simply solve the answers using column method subtraction.


  • LO: Using evaporation to separate a solution
  • Think back to when we were learning about separating materials. We used:
    • A sieve to separate flour and beads.
    • A filter to separate sand and water
    • A magnet to separate rice and paper clips.
  • Do you remember the method we discussed that would work to separate the salt dissolved in the water? That’s right – evaporation
  • Your task is to use the uploaded image, and to explain how we were able to separate the water and salt to create the large crystal you see.
    • Tip: Salt can’t evaporate, but water can!
  • Key words you should use: solution, mixture, evaporation, separate, salt, water.


  • LO: Being thankful for the things you have
  • Think about all the things you are thankful for. Sometimes we think too much about the negative things in our life instead of the positive things. It’s easy to focus on what makes our lives difficult or sad, but we must always be grateful for the things we have, and remember to be thankful to God for the gifts he has given us. 
  • Write a prayer, thanking God for all He has done for us, and focusing on the positive things that make our lives so full and rich.
  • Feel free to include an illustration that uses religious symbolism. 

Remember to make links to scripture, Bible readings, or Gospel stories to improve the quality of your prayer even more!

I hope you enjoy today's activities :)

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Blue Whales are the largest animals to have ever existed - larger than even the largest dinosaur.