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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Welcome to another amazing day!

Daily Learning Blog – Thursday, 26th March

Welcome back. Week 1 is almost done! Well done for keeping up with your learning.  Here are today’s tasks:


  • LO: Image-inspired writing challenge
  • Go to this website:
  • After looking at the image, complete the different tasks.
    • Question time!: If you could take a photograph of the 5 happiest moments of your life so far, what would they show? What 5 events of your future would you like to take a photograph of?
    • Sentence Challenge!: Can you make a list of feelings that the boy is experiencing? Can you then begin a sentence with a feeling?
      • Example: Curious, the boy peeked through the hole in the fence.
      • Complete 5 sentences
    • Sick Sentences!: Can you improve this ‘sick’ sentence by adding conjunctions, adverbs, and improving the vocabulary?
      • The boy went towards the fence. He looked through the hole. He was excited.
    • Story Starter!: Use the story starter on the web page to help write the ending of the story. You will want the ending to be exciting, so be sure to use language that will help you achieve this.


  • LO: Adding and subtracting mastery
  • I’ve allocated 2 activities on Active Learn for you to complete. One is a Mastery Checkpoint, and the other is a homework assignment. Please complete the homework assignment first, before completing the Mastery Checkpoint. As always, please complete the work in your home learning book.


  • Log on to ‘Busy Things’, and you should have an assignment ready for you to complete.
  • You will be creating a solar system poster, using one of the templates provided.
  • You will need to use your own research to complete the poster.
  • Be sure to save your work, so I can see it.


  • Log on to Purple Mash, and continue to design and create your video game. You may add new levels, with new themes and monsters for each level. See if you can work out how to customise the floors and walls to add a personal touch!
  • If you haven’t begun, I’ve set the task as a ‘To-Do’ – 2DIY3D
  • Please select ‘My Game’ instead of ‘My Simple Game’, as this will allow you to add more features

If you have already begun, you can access your game by selecting the ‘My Work’ icon and choosing the 2DIY3D activity.

I hope you enjoyed another amazing day! You should be very proud of your hard work and dedication. I've got another set of fun activities for you to complete tomorrow, so be sure to check in!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Fleas can pull 160,000 times their own weight, which is the same as you pulling 2,679 double-decker buses