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Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 24th March

Welcome to the Daily Learning Blog. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities! Here is the outline for today’s learning:

English: Open the uploaded document and complete the tasks

  • LO: Identifying verbs in past and present tense

Maths: Open uploaded document

  • LO: Multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10
  • When dividing and multiplying by 10, 100, or 1000, the digits remain the same, but change in value
  • For example, 47 x 10 = 470       
    • The digits 4 and 7 remain, but have a greater value. They have moved up one place value column
  • 47 ÷ 10 = 4.7
    • Once again, the digits 4 and 7 remain, but now have a lower value. They have moved down one place value.
  • The number of columns that a digit moves up or down is equal to the number of zeros
    • 47 x 10 = 470
    • 47 x 100 = 4,700
    • 47 x 1000 = 47,000
  • Complete the attached questions in your home learning book. Be sure to answer the True/False questions at the end.



  • LO: Writing a morning prayer
  • Write a new morning prayer that we could use in class. Think about all the different people who we should be thankful for, and why we are thankful to God. It doesn’t need to rhyme.


  • LO: French Numbers
  • Complete the questions in your home learning book.
  • Try to complete it independently, but you may use the Internet to help you if you become stuck

Enjoy your work, and have fun!

Mr. Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Apple sauce was the first food eaten in space by astronauts.