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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Today's home learning activities

Welcome to Day 1 of your home learning journey! I’m going to explain today’s tasks below. Remember, all written components should be completed in your home learning book – grammar, maths, English, and any topic-related work. Please write the Learning Objective (LO) and date, just like we do in school.

  • English: Open the uploaded document
    • LO: Using adverbials to give verbs more detail
    • Follow the instructions on the document and complete the tasks.
      • The answers are located at the bottom. Please try not to peek until you’ve finished! If you’re stuck, feel free to check your answers as you go.
    • Remember: Adverbials are words that give more detail to a verb (a doing word.)
      • Example: The girl ran with great speed.
      • ‘With great speed’ is the adverbial, because it tells us how the girl ran.


  • Maths: Open the uploaded document
    • LO: Addition and subtraction using column method
    • Addition and subtraction calculations. Use the method of your choice – mentally, or column method.
    • Think: Remember, a number that reads the same forwards and backwards is called a ‘palindrome’


  • Geography:
    • LO: Researching the tallest mountain in the world
    • It’s a well-known fact that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Using the internet, answer these questions:
      • Who were the first 2 people to climb it?
      • Between what 2 countries is Mount Everest located?
      • Who has climbed Mount Everest the most times?
      • What is the height of Mount Everest?
      • List 3 more interesting facts about Mount Everest.


  • Art/Geography:
    • LO: Creating a fact poster of Mount Everest
    • Using the facts that you learned from researching Mount Everest, create a visual poster displaying them all.
    • You may do this on a separate piece of paper, or in your home learning book. Whichever you prefer!


Mr. Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: A cow has 4 stomachs!