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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Happy Wed-nes-day!

Home Learning Blog – Wednesday, 15th July

Welcome back again. Just a quick reminder, the last day of home learning will be tomorrow, as that is technically the last day of the school year. Here are your tasks for the day:


LO: Personal reflection on the past 14 weeks

  • There’s no denying, this has been a unique and challenging few months for everyone. We have all had to adjust to these times in our own way. For you, as learners, you’ve had to adapt to a new way of learning at home. I’m sure it has come with its positives and negatives.
  • I’d like you to write a reflection on the past few months since school closed. This should be a personal reflection, where you are able to share some of your feelings. Questions to help guide you include:
    • How did you find home learning?
    • What did you miss the most during lockdown?
    • What are some of the positive things that you experienced?
    • What was most difficult?
    • What are you most excited to do again?
  • I want you to write a few paragraphs on the experience you have had.



  • Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica
  • Play the maths game in the link above. There are a range of challenges and areas you must progress to. Try to get as many of them done. I expect you to play for at least 40 minutes – but it’s very fun, so you might want to play even longer! Enjoy : )



LO: Draw a sound creature

  • This activity involves drawing on painting what you hear.
  • Follow the instructions on the link, and play the sounds and ‘draw’ them.
  • Pick a sound and press play.
  • Close your eyes as you listen to the sound.
  • You might want to listen for a bit before you start drawing.
  • Replay the sound to inspire you as you draw.
  • When you've finished, pick another track and draw another sound creature!
  • There is a link for ‘Tate Paint’ which is a painting tool you may use also.
  • Have fun! Allow the creativity to flow through you : )

Well done. That’s all for today!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: The goliath beetle is considered the largest insect in the world, reaching sizes of up to 100 grams (see image above to see just how big they can get)