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Hey there : )

Daily Home Learning Blog – Tuesday, 14th July

Good morning Year 5

I was so nice to see so many of you yesterday! I hope you enjoyed seeing everyone and having a quick chat. Here are your learning activities for today.


LO: Plans for the summer holidays

  • As this is the last week before summer holidays, I want you to write a few paragraphs about this things you hope to do his summer.  As lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, hopefully we are going to be able to have somewhat of a normal summer. Some ideas you might want to consider are:
    • Family events
    • Bike rides, days at the park, or nature walks
    • Hobbies or skills you want to learn
    • Trips to the seaside or other scenic areas
    • Birthdays, zoom parties, or facetiming with friends and family
  • Try to write 2 medium-sized paragraphs.


LO: Problem solving and reasoning

  • I have attached a problem-solving and reasoning assessment at the bottom of the class blog.
  • As you’re aware, the problem solving and reasoning questions are usually quite a bit harder than normal arithmetic questions.
  • Have a go, and try to solve as many as you can. Be sure to use your knowledge from the entire year to solve them!


LO: Understanding different story genres


LO: Writing a haiku

  • A haiku is a poem that doesn’t rhyme, but instead has 3 lines, with the syllables following a particular pattern: 5-7-5
    • First line: 5 syllables
    • Second line: 7 syllables
    • Third line: 5 syllables
  • For example:
    • Summer holidays
    • Long summer days and warm nights
    • How I love the sun

That’s all for today! Come again tomorrow!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: The giant squid has the largest eye of any animal in the world – about the size of a football