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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Happy Friday :)

Daily Home Learning Blog – Friday, 10th July

Good morning Sycamore class. I’m very excited to see everyone on Monday morning! It feels like it has been so long. 

I do have a request – Spike the snail is looking for a home this summer. If you would like to look after him and his habitat for the summer, ask your adult to see if it’s fine with them, and get them to email the school to say you’d be happy to take it home – we will then arrange a time for him to be collected. I will be sure to provide appropriate guidance so that Spike stays happy and healthy.


LO: Re-writing a Shakespeare story

  • You may use any Shakespeare story we’ve studied this year to write a summary of
  • Be sure to watch the ‘Shakespeare Short’ to remind yourself of the details of your chosen story
  • You will write a summary of the key parts of your story, as explained in Activity 1 and 2. Don’t write more than 500 words.
  • Don’t complete activity 3.



LO: Converting between metric units

  • Complete the attached maths worksheet at the bottom of the page.  
  • You will be converting between grams and kilograms (g/kg) and millilitres to litres (ml/l)
  • Remember : 1 kg = 1000g, and 1l = 1000ml
  • Complete the appropriate worksheet for your ability.


Find the definition of these 5 words, and use them in their own sentence.

  • Fraudulent
  • Inversion
  • Exponential
  • Anonymity
  • Indeterminate

That’s all for today! Enjoy the weekend  : )

Mr Lindsay