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Good morning Sycamore!

Daily Home Learning Blog – Monday, 6th July

Good morning Sycamore class. I hope you had a nice weekend! I know you’re excited to get started on your home learning activities, so let’s jump right in.


LO: Writing a magazine article

  • Watch and listen closely to both videos. There are also written extracts of both videos if you prefer to read.
  • Please complete Activity 3 only. You will be writing a magazine article about Katherine Johnson and her contributions to space exploration.
  • Make sure to include the key information that people would be most interested to know about.
  • Be sure to come up with a catchy title – maybe think about using an alliteration!


LO: Regular and irregular polygons

    • Regular polygon: a 2D shape made up of all straight lines, where all sides are the same length
    • Irregular polygon: a 2D shape made up of all straight lines, where all sides are NOT the same length.
  • Complete the quiz, as well as the worksheets from activity 2 and 3 in your home learning book.


LO: Interesting features of the state of Florida

  • Read the information about the American state of Florida.
  • Take special note of the geographical features that make it different to places like the UK.
  • Take the quiz in activity 1
  • Use the worksheet in activity 2 to help you convince 5 of the people to visit Florida
    • Tourist
    • Animal Lover
    • Scuba Diver
    • Scientist
    • Farmer/Fisherman
    • Sport Enthusiast
    • Historian
  • Be sure to discuss things specific to each individual, in order to appeal to their interests.


Write these 8 words down, filling a line for each word. Be sure to use good handwriting as well.

  • Opportunity
  • Determined
  • Pronunciation
  • Accommodate
  • Embarrassment
  • Conscience
  • Appreciate
  • Exaggerate

That’s all for today! Please come back tomorrow for another day of amazing learning.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is believed to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. Try saying it 5 times fast!