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Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 23rd June

Good morning Year 5, I hope you are doing well today. Let’s get started with today’s home learning:


LO: Nonsense poems

  • One of Mr Lindsay’s favourite poems is a nonsense poem – The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll:
  • Nonsense poems use silly, made up words mixed with real words, and are often silly, funny, or nonsensical
  • Today, you will be writing your own nonsense poem.
  • Watch the videos, and use the attached guideline to help you write your own nonsense poem.


LO: Adding decimals with different number of decimal places

  • Sometimes you will be given numbers with different amounts of decimal places
    • For example, 3.4 + 6.29
  • Today’s lesson will teach you how to do that
  • Watch the video, complete the worksheet in your home learning book, and complete the interactive activity


LO: The circulatory system

  • The circulatory system is made up of your heart, your blood vessels, and your blood. It’s a vital part of the human body.
  • Watch the videos, complete the quiz, and complete activity 2 – creating an information poster.

That’s it for today! BE sure to check in bright and early tomorrow : )

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Male ostriches can grow up to 9 feet tall.