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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Welcome :) 

Daily Learning Blog – Thursday, 11th June

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to another day of learning and fun. I present to you your learning opportunities for the day:


LO: Using a semi-colon

  • Remember: semi-colons are used in place of a conjunction, full stop, or comma. They are used to join two shorter, similar sentences together.
  • Watch the video, and use your understanding of a semi-colon to complete the character creation activities.
  • Write all your work in your home learning book.


LO: Rounding decimals


LO: Using computer software to create art

  • There has been a ‘2 do’ assigned to you on Purple Mash.
  • Please create several works of art using a variety of methods.
  • You may save them and import them into another art style
  • I’d like you to create 3 pieces of art, one each of the following theme:
    • Happiness
    • Rain
    • Victory
  • Think about the colours or symbols you might want to include. You don’t necessarily need to include any specific images – you might simple have colours or shaped that represent the themes. Be creative!


LO: Tone and pitch when singing

  • Watch the videos, and learn about how tone and pitch can change how a song sounds and feels.
  • Complete activity 1, and if you are confident, activity 2.
  • Explore the resources of activity 3, and see if there are any tasks or resources you would like to try out – no pressure though!

That’s all for today. One more day until the weekend! Bye for now.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: A great white shark might have as many as 300 teeth in several rows.