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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Come one, come all!

Daily Learning Blog – Thursday, 4th June

Welcome back everyone. Here are the lessons for the day:


LO: Writing the middle of a story


LO: Solving problems with fractions

  • Today’s focus is solving word problems that involve fractions.
  • You will be using the skills you have developed over the last several lessons to answer the questions.
  • Watch the video and complete the 2 activities.


New Unit: Animals including humans

  • In this unit, we will be learning about living things – both animals and humans. Although we consider ourselves very different to animals, on a scientific level we are very similar.
  • Today, we are going to look at details about mammals.
  • There has been an activity assigned to you on Busy Things. Log in to access it.
  • You will need to sort the statements into ‘never true, sometimes true, mostly true, always true’
  • Some of the statements might surprise you! Once you click the ‘mark’ button, if you get any wrong, try to find out where they belong – this is where the learning happens.
  • If one of the statements surprises you, do some internet research to find out about, for example, a mammal that lays eggs!


LO: Food likes and dislikes

  • Open the document at the bottom of the blog post
  • You will see various types of food, and 2 large circles that show ‘j’aime’ and ‘je n’aime pas’
    • J’aime = I like
    • Je n’aime pas = I don’t like
  • You will need to write sentences in French saying that you like or don’t like each of the foods
  • You should end up with 7 different sentences – one for each food.

That’s all for today! I look forward to having you back tomorrow.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: In 2019, it was estimated that 68 million people visited a McDonalds every single day – that’s more than the population of the entire UK.