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Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 2nd June

Good morning Year 5. Here are your learning activities for the day.


LO: Planning a story


LO: Subtracting 2 mixed numbers

  • Yesterday we looked at adding mixed numbers, and today we will be looking at subtracting 2 mixed numbers.
  • The concept is basically the same as adding, but subtracting instead of adding.
  • There are 2 methods you can use – choose whichever you prefer
    • Partitioning
    • Convert to improper fraction:
  • Watch the videos and complete the worksheets.
  • Activity 2 requires some A4 paper – ask an adult before using scissors and cutting the paper. Scrap paper works fine.

Reading Comprehension

  • Please complete the reading comprehension activity. The document has 3 versions of the text, please choose the difficulty level you are comfortable with (1, 2, or 3 stars).
  • The questions are at the bottom of the document, please make sure you complete the questions that have the same star difficulty as the text.


LO: Designing a Mayan mask

  • Masks played a central role in Maya culture. They were made for a variety of occasions and purposes. In fact, they were even used to decorate temples. Wealthy Maya were buried with a death mask, which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife.
  • You are going to design a Maya mask.
  • Decide whether you are going to create a death mask, or a mask for a special occasion. Your design should suit this.
  • You must use symbolism – colours, images, or markings
  • You may use the attached template, or design the mask in your home learning book.
  • Please write a short description explaining what your mask will be used for, and what the symbols are.

That’s all for today! Bye for now.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: An octopus has 3 hearts.