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Welcome back.

Daily Learning Blog – Monday, 1st June

Welcome back everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed your week off, and that you’ve managed to get outside to enjoy some of the sun. Here are your activities for this first day back home learning:


LO: Using adverbs and adverbials


LO: Adding mixed numbers

  • We’re going to continue with fractions. It might be a good idea for you to check over your work from before half term to remind yourself of some of the key vocabulary and methods. Today we will be adding mixed numbers.
  • Remember: A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction à 2¼ , 5½, 4¾
  • When adding mixed numbers, first add the whole numbers as you usually would, and then add the fractions. Be sure to change the denominators to make sure they’re the same before adding them.
  • Follow the link, read the steps, and complete the worksheets in your home learning book.
  • Complete work sheet 1, and page 1 of worksheet 2.



New Topic: Freedom and Responsibility

  • Think about what the words ‘freedom’ and ‘responsibility’ mean to you.
  • Read the story below about a brother and sister:

Daniel and Samantha had been secretly saving their pocket money for six weeks to buy their Mum a birthday present.  They had seen her admiring some earrings in the jeweller’s shop in town, so they decided they would get off their bus in town and buy them.  When they got to town they went to the shop, only to find it was closed, so they decided to find another shop.  After a long search, they found another jeweller’s where they had the same earrings. They bought them and went back to catch their bus.

Meanwhile, at home, their Mum was very worried.  It was nearly 5.30 and Daniel and Samantha weren’t home.  She rang up the school and was told they had gone home.  She rang a few friends, but the children weren’t there.  “I shall have to ring the police if they don’t turn up soon,” she said to herself.

Answer these 5 questions about the story. There are no ‘right’ answers; the questions are meant to get you to think about how important freedom and responsibility are.

  1. What do you think happened when Daniel and Samantha got home?  Why?
  2. What freedom does the Mother have a right to?
  3. What freedom do the children have a right to?
  4. What do you think is responsible and irresponsible behaviour and what are your reasons?
  5. What do you think Mum, Samantha and Daniel have learnt from the experience and what do you think they will do in future?



LO: What we need

  • We’re starting a new topic called ‘Enough for Everyone.’ It will teach you about our world, in terms of the resources used by humans, and how we are harvesting and distributing these resources around the world.
  • For this first lesson, I want you to imagine you are a settler from many years ago. Settlers are groups of people who travel to a new land to start a community. They often must start a small village or town in a location that has resources to support them – food, water, shelter, and other necessities.
  • Open the attached document ‘Settlers’. On it, you will see blank boxes. I’d like you to recreate the boxes in your home learning book, and fill them in with the different needs listed at the bottom of the page.
  • The boxes at the top and bottom represent ‘most need’ and ‘least need’, while the boxes in between are needed more or less.
  • Remember, the higher up the need, the more important you are saying it is. The lower down, the less important.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, but you must justify your decisions in a sort paragraph in your home learning book, explaining why you decided which items were most and least important.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: The largest rodent in the world is the capybara, and can weigh up to 66kg.