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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Howdy partner. 

Home Learning Blog – 21st May

Hello and welcome back! Here are today’s learning tasks:


LO: Using similes and metaphors


LO: Adding fractions within 1

  • Follow the link, watch the videos, and complete the 2 worksheets in your home learning book.
  • Remember, if the denominators are different, then you will have to convert one of the fractions into a fraction that shares the same denominator – this can be done by multiplying or dividing.
  • You will have to decide which fraction you will want to change.

Design and Technology

LO: Designing a product

  • Follow the link, watch the videos, and complete activity 2 in your home learning book.
  • You may complete activity 1 if you wish, but you will require a printer.
  • You will be designing a mobile phone holder. Be sure to think about some of the things that the user would like when using the holder. Use the guide sheet to help you.
  • Ask your ‘client’ (an adult, brother, or sister if they’re not busy) to give you details they would prefer, which will help you design your product.


LO: How to draw a bird

  • Follow the steps to draw a bird
  • What I would like you to take away from this lesson is the light sketching and shapes that are used as guidelines. It isn’t necessary for every line to be kept – some are used only to get the rough shape.
  • It’s okay to be messy and make mistakes, you can always try again or rub it out.
  • I’m not great at drawing, but I’ve attached my attempt at the bottom of the blog to show you that even if it starts messy, it can end up looking rather nice.

That’s all for today folks. See you tomorrow!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: An anteater’s tongue is about 60cm long.