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Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 19th May

Good morning Sycamore class.  Here are some delightful tasks to be completed on this wonderful Tuesday. 


LO: Making inferences

  • Follow the link, watch the videos, and complete the tasks in your home learning book.
  • Make sure to pause when appropriate to give yourself enough time to complete the tasks.



LO: Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

  • We have looked at this topic before, where we have an improper fraction (the numerator is greater than the denominator), and we want to change it into a mixed number (uses both whole numbers and fractions).
  • Watch the videos, and complete the 2 worksheets in your home learning book.


LO: Mayan Religion and Gods

  • Open the powerpoint presentation at the bottom of the blog page, and read about some of the Mayan gods.
  • Task: I would like you to create your own Mayan god. Here’s what I’d like you to come up with:
    • What the god is in charge of – it could be weather, crops, day/night, or something else. Think about other ancient gods you have learned about in previous years to give you some ideas
    • Name of your god
    • Draw an example of a temple that might have been built to honour it.
    • Each god has a good side and an evil side – how might your god be both good and bad?
    • Draw what your god looks like – use the examples provided in the slide show to give you some ideas.
    • Any other interesting facts or details that might make your god interesting, powerful, or unique.


LO: Learning about Jane Goodall

  • Jane Goodall is an English scientist who is famous for studying chimpanzees in Africa.
  • Follow the link, read the biography, and answer the 10 question quiz at the bottom of the page.
  • In your home learning books, write the 10 answers (you’ll get the correct answers after you complete the quiz, so you’ll know which facts to write.)

That’s it for today :)

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Scientists believe there are still around 5 million species of animals yet to be discovered.