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Daily Learning Blog – Thursday, 14th May

Welcome to today, the 14th of May, which is the day before tomorrow, and the day after yesterday. Strangely, tomorrow is the day after today, and 2 days after yesterday, which was the 13th of May. But let’s not focus on yesterday or the 15th of May, let’s start with today.


LO: Writing a book review

  • It has been several weeks since your last book review, and you are more than likely reading a new book now. If not, you have at least progressed through it quite a lot.
  • Write a book review in your home learning book, using the template attached at the bottom of the blog page to help you. Feel free to include any additional opinions or information.


LO: Multiplying a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number

  • This is a new method. We have previously used ‘grid method’ multiplication, but today we will be learning a more formal method.
  • Follow the link and watch the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the method.
  • Please do not do the activities on that link, and instead complete questions 1 to 15 on the maths document attached at the bottom of the blog post.


LO: Drawing eyes

  • Follow the video above, using your sketching skills to draw realistic looking eyes.
  • Try doing 4 or 5 different eyes, with different sizes. Don’t get discouraged if you make a mistake!


LO: Trade and economic activity

  • You may have been hearing a lot about ‘the economy’, and how it is being affected by the current situation.
  • The economy is a word that refers to how a country makes money by selling things or offering services.
  • Read the information on the link and watch the videos. Pay special attention to the words in bold.
  • For Activity 3, make sure you have permission from your home teacher to look through the cupboards.

That’s it for today! Bye for now.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: The world record for most number of claps in a minute is 1,103.