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Daily Learning Blog – Wednesday, 13th May

Good morning all, and welcome back. Here are today’s learning activities.


LO: Improving sentences

  • Open the document at the bottom of the blog page to find a collection of sentences that are to be improved.
  • You are going to complete the 3 star difficulty, but you may read the other 2activities to help your understanding.
  • You will need to improve each sentence by adding 4 things:
    • Fronted adverbial
    • Detailed adjectives and nouns
    • A relative clause, beginning with a relative pronoun (who, which, that, whose)
    • A subordinating conjunction (there is a document with examples of subordinating conjunctions at the bottom of the blog page)
  • Example: The dog walked through the field.
  • Becomes: With great excitement, the delighted dog dashed quickly through the muddy field, which was wet with dew.


LO: Multiplication and division word problems

  • Open the attached document and complete the questions – don’t forget to write your answers using a full sentence.
  • The questions will require either a multiplication or a division – read the questions carefully to determine which one is needed.


LO: How plants reproduce

  • We have been looking at how plants reproduce, and the process of pollination.
  • Please follow this link, watch the videos, and complete the 2 online quizzes to test your knowledge:
  • One of the videos was used last week, but it’s still a good idea to watch it again to solidify your learning.


LO: Using timelines

  • Timelines are extremely important when studying history, as they give us an idea of the sequence of important events, and which ones happened first.
  • Your task will be to create a timeline of your life, making sure that you include the major events of your life. Remember: timelines are usually horizontal, and have earlier events on the left, and later events on the right. Yours might look something like this:

Day of birth (2011) -   Started School (2015) -Moved House (2016) - Sister was born (2017)

  • Please include years if possible – ask your grown-up if you’re unsure.
  • Events you may want to include are: siblings being born, getting a pet, learning to ride a bike, moving house moving school
  • Please include at least 6 events.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: There is an average of 90,000 words in a book.