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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Hello again :)

Home Learning Blog – Wednesday, 6th May

Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Year 5’s home learning blog. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the complimentary learning opportunities provided for you today.  Today we will be travelling at approximately 11 metres above sea level, while learning about a variety of engaging topics. Please be advised that the in-flight entertainment system has been temporarily deactivated until completion of the learning tasks. I hope you have a pleasant journey.



LO: Calculating perimeter


LO: Fiction reading comprehension activity

  • You will find an attached document with 3 different versions of the same fictional story with comprehension questions.
  • There is 1 star, 2 star, and 3 star version, which get slightly harder.
  • Choose the level appropriate for your ability, read the text, and then answer the corresponding questions in your home learning book.


LO: designing a home workout routine

  • At this point, I’m sure you’re all familiar with Joe Wicks, the fitness coach who has been leading fitness routines for children every morning since schools were closed.
  • I would like you to plan and complete your own fitness routine, just like Joe! Here are some tips:
    • Choose easy-to-complete movements, that most people will be able to complete
    • Repeat each move 10-15 times (these are called repetitions, or ‘reps’)
    • Plan anywhere from 10-15 different movements to do in a row.
      • Example:
        • 10 star jumps
        • 10 press ups
        • 10 high knees
    • Be sure to give yourself 15 seconds in between each exercise to catch your breath
  • You must complete your own workout, so don’t make it too hard!
  • Write your workout as a list in your home learning book.

That’s it for today class. See you tomorrow!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Although often called a Koala bear, it actually isn’t a type of bear at all, it’s a marsupial (mammal with a pouch for their young).