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Welcome back!

Home Learning Blog – Monday, 4th May

Happy Luke Skywalker day! May the ‘Fourth’ be with you : )

Welcome back to another week. Here are today’s activities.

For English, myself and former St Peter and St Paul teacher Mr Stringer have been hard at work creating a literacy unit that can be accessed on YouTube. We’re quite happy with how it has turned out! You’ll be following along with it this week, and I will post a new video each day for you to follow along with and complete the tasks.

Please don’t skip ahead in the series, only watch the video that I post. I hope you enjoy them!


LO: To be able to identify different word classes

  • Follow the link, watch the video, and complete the tasks that are assigned throughout the video. There are quick tasks, as well as a main task to complete. Please write everything in your home learning book.
  • Be sure to pause the video when necessary, in order to give yourself enough time to complete the tasks.


LO: Fractions as decimals


LO: The gift of the Holy Spirit to everyone

  • Read the uploaded document (Acts 2:1-43) about the day known as Pentecost, when the gift of the Holy Spirit was sent down to the followers of Jesus.
  • At the end of the passage, there is a sentence that says that ‘A great change took place amidst the listening crowds.’
    • What sort of change do you think this might have been?
    • How might people have felt to receive the Holy Spirit that they had been promised by Jesus?
    • How might people have felt to experience such a gift from God?
  • For today’s task, I’d like you to write a newspaper article about the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and how people might have felt about it. Think of a catchy headline, and be sure to write the article in such a way that makes the reader realise how important and incredible this event was.


LO: Drawing a rose

  • Today, we’re going to be using our sketching and shading strategies to draw a rose.
  • Remember, we always want to sketch lightly, using shorter, lighter sketch lines. We can always go over the again to get darker lines.
  • When we shade, we use the same idea – start light, and gradually get darker.
  • The whole point of sketching is to experiment! Don’t worry if you think you’ve made a mistake, keep working through, and don’t worry if you don’t think it looks good.


That’s it for today! Now to reveal the 2 truths and 1 lie from last week:

I did once feature on a radio advertisement – it was an advertisement to recruit lifeguards to the pool I worked at.

I can hold my breath for 2 minutes, as many years as a lifeguard and swim instructor meant that my ability to hold my breath became fairly good.

I have broken a bone – this one was the lie! When I was 14 I fell while playing road hockey with my friends and I broke my arm.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Not only in the earth rotating and orbiting around the Sun, but the entire solar system is actually travelling at 513,000 miles per hour through space.