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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Hey May!

Daily Learning Blog – Friday, 1st May

Happy May! Here are today’s learning activities:


LO: Reflection on the past month

  • April has been a strange month, that’s for sure. No school, limited outdoor time, not being able to visit friends and family, among many other changes. It can be easy to focus on the negative things. For today’s lesson, I’d like you to come up 5 positive things that have come out your current situation. Here are my 5:
    • Spending more time speaking with relatives who live far away.
    • Improving my independence at home, and working better by myself.
    • Getting a chance to do more baking and cooking at home.
    • Completing some home projects that I have been meaning to do for a while.
    • Watching some films and television series that I have been putting off
  • You might have similar experiences, and some different. I just want you to focus on more of the positive outcomes of this strange time : )


LO: Reasoning and problem solving

  • For this challenge, you’ll have to apply a lot of thinking to come up with many different answers.
  • Zios have 3 legs. Zepts have 7. There are 52 different legs in total.
  • How many Zios and how many Zepts could there be?
  • How many different combinations of Zios and Zepts can there be?
  • See if you can come up with 3 different combinations of Zios and Zepts to have 52 total legs.
  • Be sure to write your working out.


  • Let’s finish easy today. Choose 8 words to practise your handwriting, from the attached spelling list. Like last time, choose words that you find tricky to spell, so you can get better at writing them independently.

That’s all for today! Time for another 2 truths and a lie about me...

Fact 1: I’ve never broken a bone

Fact 2: I once featured on a radio advertisement

Fact 3: I can hold my breath for 2 minutes

Good luck!

Mr Lindsay