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Daily Home Learning Blog – Monday. 27th April

Good morning Year 5, welcome back to the daily home learning blog. Here are today’s lessons.


LO: Expanded noun phrases

  • Follow the link and complete the activities:
  • Remember: an expanded noun phrase is a phrase that provides more detail than a simple noun phrase
  • This is most often done with adding adjectives, something we do all the time.
  • Write the expanded noun phrases in your home learning book, and be sure to underline the expanded noun phrases in the sentences.


LO: Understanding negative numbers

  • Follow the link, and watch the videos and complete the activities.
  • Remember: negative numbers are numbers which are smaller than 0. It can help to think of a thermometer. -5 is lower than 0.
  • You can count backwards from 0 in the same way that you count forwards:
    • -1, -2, -3, -4, -5…
  • Be sure to write the answers in your home learning book.


  • LO: On the road to Emmaus
  • Read the attached Bible story – Luke 24: 13-35
  • The story is told from the perspective of Cleopas, who didn’t realise he was actually talking to Jesus until after he finished explaining why he was so sad.
  • Task: Imagine you are Cleopas. You are going to write a diary entry telling the story of what just happened. Be sure to discuss the feelings and emotions you would have felt in such a situation.


LO: Complete the 26 Challenge

  • Yesterday was meant to be the annual London Marathon. Unfortunately, like many sporting events this year, it has been cancelled.
  • Instead, people all over the UK have been taking part in the 26 challenge – you may have already heard of it on TV.
  • The number 26 is being used, as a marathon is a 26-mile race.
  • Choose any activity-based challenge you would like, and complete the challenge time.
  • It could be:
    • A 2.6 mile run
    • Go up and down the stairs 26 times
    • 26 star jumps
    • A 26 minute activity
  • Follow this link to learn more:

That’s it for today!

Now, for the answer of the 2 truths and 1 lie from last week…

  • It is true that I once slept overnight in an igloo
  • It is true that I can play the clarinet
  • It is NOT true that I was once attacked by a bear while camping (thankfully!)

Fun fact of the day: Elephants can’t jump.