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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Home Learning Blog - 14th October


LO: Using inverse methods to solve division and multiplication problems

We know that we can solve division problems by using the inverse of multiplication, as well as solve multiplication problems by using the inverse of division. Today, we are going to use these methods to solve more challenging problems. 

______ x 3 = 672

I can solve this by taking 672, and dividing it by 3, which is 224

I can also do this with division.

______ ÷ 4 = 236

I can solve this by multiplying 236 by 4, which is 944.

Please complete the attached sheet and mark your work. 


Complete the grammar activity pack located at the bottom of the page. Use the answer sheet to check your understanding of the different concepts. 


LO: We all have a mission in life

God calls each of us to a particular vocation in life. ‘Vocation’ means ‘calling’. Some people’s vocation is to marriage, the single life or religious life. These are the laity. Some people’s vocation is to ordination as a deacon, priest or bishop. Within these vocations, there are many different ways of living out the mission of Jesus day by day. Each one has an important but different role in the mission of the Church.

Through the sacrament of Baptism, all Christians are called to share in the mission of Jesus. There are many different ways of carrying out this mission.

Task: Think about people that contribute to the world in a positive way. This could be people you know personally, famous people, or professions. Think about how they help the world using their gifts from God, and carry out their mission. Remember: a mission is a purpose, goal, or desire to achieve something in life.

Answer these questions in one full paragraph:

Choose someone and describe how their mission makes the world a better place.

What are they setting out to do?

How are they making the world a better place?

What can we learn from them? 

What do you think your 'mission' is? What can you do to carry out your mission?