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Home Learning Blog - Thursday 8th October


LO: Calculating periods of time

Use the counting up method to determine how what time Joe finishes each of the following 

1. Joe gets up at 08:30 and takes 45 minutes to eat breakfast, wash, brush his teeth and get dressed. The time is now…?

2. Joe catches the 09:25 bus and gets into town 38 minutes later. The time is now...?

3. He meets his friends and they spend 2 and a quarter hours looking around the shops. The time is now...?

4. Joe and his mates then go for lunch. They leave the café 1 hour 20 minutes later. The time is now…?

5. Next, they go and see a film. It starts at 13:55 and finishes  95 minutes later. The time is now…?


Next, complete the 'Train Announcement'  worksheet below, and calculate what time the delayed trains will be arriving, based on the announcement. 



Watch some of this video of free verse space poems written by a Year 5 class from another school: Click Here

You are going to plan a free verse poem using a spider diagram. You will want to fill it the following:

  • Ambitious descriptive words
  • Alliterations 
  • Similes and metaphors
  • Symbolism
  • Personification

Remember that free verse poetry doesn't need to rhyme, and there is no formal pattern to follow. Use the video as a guideline.

Your poem will be about space, but you can choose to write about any part of space you desire: planets, stars, astronauts, space travel, etc. Your plan will have your title in the middle, and different ideas, expressions, and words that you may choose to write in your final poem tomorrow. Be sure to use creative, poetic, visually appealing ideas. 


Read the following story: Click Here.

Think about times that God has carried you or given you strength or support. He may do this throughout difficult times, or even during good times.  It's important to remember that God is always with us, even if we don't think He is.  We can always count on Him and depend on Him, no matter what.

I would like you to write a poem thanking God for always being there to support us and give us strength. You may want to mention a particular time or experience when He helped or supported you.


As you're at home, you can have the choice of the following activities:

Be sure to do at least 20 minutes of physical activity! Feel free to do any combination of activities you wish.

That's all for today! Bye for now :)

Mr Lindsay