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Hello again :)

Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 21st April

Good morning Year 5!

Welcome back to another day of learning. Here are your activities for today:


LO: Using similes and metaphors

  • Follow the link above, watch the videos, and complete the activities in your home learning book.
  • Remember:
    • Similes use ‘like’ or ‘as’ to make a comparison
    • Metaphors do not use ‘like' or ‘as’, but they still make a comparison - be sure to take note of the examples in the link.
    • They are both examples of figurative language, and will help improve your independent writing greatly.


LO: Adding and subtracting without written methods

  • Today’s lesson is meant to help develop your ability to solve addition and subtractions without using a written method.
  • A good way to solve these questions mentally is by partitioning the numbers in your head, as well as using rounding methods, which we discussed yesterday.
  • Open the uploaded document, and solve the addition and subtraction problems mentally in your home learning book.


LO: The Easter Passion

  • As it was just Easter, I would like you to re-write the story of the Easter Passion.
  • Be sure that you write the events in the order they occurred, and to use religious vocabulary.
  • Use this link to help you remember:
  • Be sure to press the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right to go to the next page.


LO: Hamlets, Villages, Towns, and Cities

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: If you ran a marathon (42.2km) everyday, it would take a little more than 2 and a half years to run around the planet (40,030km).