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Welcome back!

Daily Home Learning Blog – 16th April

Hello! Welcome back to our daily home learning activities. I hope you had a nice Easter break, and that you were able to enjoy some of the nice weather. Let’s look at today’s activities:


LO: Reading and performing poetry

  • Open the uploaded document
  • Today, you will be reading and thinking about a piece of poetry – “I am a writer” by Joseph Coelho.
  • Watch the video about how to perform a poem.
  • After reading the poem, look at the ‘Reflection Prompts’ and think about how you might answer some of the questions.
  • Use your answers to write a reflection on the poem. Explain what you think the poem is about, who it is written for, and what your favourite lines are.
  • Again, use the ‘Reflection Prompts’ to get ideas about what to write about.
  • After, practise reading your poem aloud, and if possible, performing it to an adult or family member. Watch the video of the author performing the poem to help give you some tips.


LO: Adding money

  • Open the uploaded document
  • Complete the additions. Remember to use rounding to help make some of the additions easier.
  • For example, if asked to add £1.99, round it up to £2, add it, then subtract £0.01 from your final answer.


LO: Living things and their habitats

  • We will be starting a new topic, learning about animals and how they are adapted to suit where they live.
  • Choose any animal, and use the internet to research its habitat – you might be surprised about what you learn.
  • Find out about what areas of the globe it lives, what type of environment it prefers, temperatures it is better suited to, and whether the animal migrates or not.
  • You may complete this task any way you like, including:
    • Slide show
    • Poster
    • Non-fiction report with sub-headings


LO: Introduction to the Maya civilization

  • We will be learning about an ancient civilisation known as the Maya civilisation. To introduce them, research answers to these introductory questions:
    • Where were they located?
    • How long ago did they live?
    • What are they famous for?
    • What remains of their civilisation?
    • What games did they play?
  • Use this link to help you:

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back in tomorrow for another day of learning.

Mr Lindsay

Fun Fact of the Day: Some hummingbirds can flap their wings as fast as 80 times in one second!