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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy


Daily Learning Blog - Thursday, 2nd April

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities. Here are today’s assignments:


LO: Adverbs of Certainty

  • Read the uploaded document.
  • Adverbs of certainty tell us how certain we are about the verb.
  • Examples are: possibly, likely, maybe, certainly, potentially, surely
  • Read the ‘Certainty Cards’ and put them in a list in your home learning book as ‘Certainly True’, ‘Certainly False’, and ‘Unsure’
  • Read the sentences, and identify the verbs and the related adverb of certainty.
  • Write the sentences in your book, changing the adverb of certainty to something else.


LO: Dividing using short division


LO: Teaching an athletic skill

  • Pick an athletic skill that you are particularly good at, or know very well. It could be anything, including: passing a basketball, doing a cartwheel, throwing a rugby ball, kicking a football
  • Write a detailed guide that teaches someone how to perform this skill. Imagine that the reader has never done it before, and will need basic details like body, foot, and hand position.
  • Think about ways that the skill can be practised to improve


LO: Drawing a house scene

  • Watch this video, as follow the guide to draw a house scene
  • Remember to draw lightly, and to use the sketching methods we have used in class. You may also use a ruler to help draw straight lines and to line up to the ‘vanishing point’

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back in tomorrow.

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: There are an estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000 individual ants on the world at any given moment – that’s ten quadrillion!