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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Welcome to wicked Wednesday!

Home Learning Blog – Wednesday, 1st April

Good morning, and welcome to another day of learning :) 

Today’s tasks are rather simple. Please read all the tasks before completing anything.


  • Firstly, I’d like you to write a comparative essay on the fundamental differences between communism, capitalism, and socialism, and how effective or ineffective they are as forms of economic systems in modern society.


  • Solve this simple maths question:
    • A train is travelling south at 120 miles per hour. Inside the train, a man is running towards the back of the train at 20 miles per hour. He is holding a stack of 6 books, each weighing 0.7 kilograms. If carriage C holds half as many people as carriage D, how many pigeons will be able to land on the telephone wire at the same time?







(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Here are today’s actual tasks :) 


  • LO: Newspaper articles
  • Open the uploaded English document.
  • Read the newspaper articles, and answer the questions for ONE of them.
  • Next, write a newspaper article for the image ‘Next Tuesday’, remembering to include the features of a newspaper article.


  • LO: Multiplying a fraction by a whole number
  • When multiplying a fraction by a whole number, we multiply the whole number by the numerator (top number), while keeping the denominator (bottom number) the same.
  • This will sometimes give us an improper fraction – when the numerator is larger than the denominator. If this is the case, we must change it into a mixed number fraction.
  • Watch this video to help you if you get stuck:



  • Coding
  • You should have a new ‘To Do’ on Purple Mash. Log in and access the task.
  • If you don't, go to the '2code' page, and scroll down to the 'Gibbon' tasks. You are assigned the 'Shapes' activity.
  • Follow the list of challenges, making sure to follow them very closely. If you get stuck, watch the tutorial videos, which you can find at the top-right part of the screen – the green ‘play’ button.
  • Feel free to complete other challenges if you complete the ‘shapes’ challenge I have set for you.


Complete the reading comprehension activity and answer the questions that have been uploaded.

That’s it for today! Bye for now :)

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Skin is the largest organ of the human body