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Welcome back!

Daily Learning Blog – Tuesday, 31st March

Welcome to another great day for learning! It’s great to see so many of you engaging on Busy Things, Active Learn, and Time Tables Rock Stars. I encourage you to work hard and to keep your brain busy! Here are today’s home learning activities.


  • LO: Punctuating direct speech
  • Remember – direct speech is what is being said by a character, and must always be written using inverted commas (also known as speech marks). “ ”
  • Firstly, look at the images, and ‘fill’ the speech bubbles in, by writing the direct speech in your books.
  • Look at the Direct Speech Reminders to remember what punctuation you will need to include.
  • Writing Task: Carry on the story that you began with the comic strip. You may write a story similar to the video, or you may come up with your own story entirely. Be sure to include some well-punctuated direct speech.


  • LO: Multiplying a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number
  • Answer the questions on the uploaded document
  • Remember to use the ‘short multiplication’ method, and to place the larger number on top, and to multiply each column from right to left.



  • LO: Mountain Range Fact File
  • Log onto Busy Things, and in the ‘Assignments’ section there should be an activity for you to complete.
  • You are to research and complete a fact file on a mountain range of your choice. I have created an example to help guide you - without any facts – you’ll have to find your own ;)
  • Remember to save and submit you work so I can review it.


  • LO: Creating short French sentences
  • Look at the uploaded worksheet. You’ll need to match the sentence starters on the left with the rest of the sentence on the right.
  • Some key vocabulary you’ll need to know:
    • Je m’appelle – My name is…
    • J’habite – I live…
    • J’ai un frere – I have a brother…
    • Je n’ai pas – I don’t have…
    • Mon anniversaire est le – My birthday is the…
    • Ma colour preferee est – My favourite colour is…
    • J’ai – I have…
    • J’adore – I love…
  • Please write the sentences out in full in your hoe learning book

Have another amazing day!

Mr Lindsay

Fun fact of the day: Nepal is the only country that has a flag with more than 4 sides.