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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Spelling: See below for the new spellings of the week and write each word 5 times in your handwriting books.


English: Read the poem The River by Valerie Bloom. I want you to then write this poem out and write next to each paragraph what it actually means. You could then draw a picture to illustrate the poem 


Tip: Personification is when a non-human thing is given human characteristics e.g. The tank screamed as it drove across the field. 


Maths: Complete the Place Value colouring sheet that you were given. If you were not here the resource is below. If you do not have a printer then practise place value by using the resource below and answering up to question 7.


Foundation 1 RE: Remembering that Palm Sunday (5th April) is the start of Holy week, complete the Palm Sunday activity in busythings. Also think about what important Sunday is after this.


Foundation 2: Art: Log in to busythings and find the activity in your assignments called Paint like Andy Warhol. Select Warhol style free painting Image then select it again. Watch the guidance and then select Photo Bank and search for Easter nests. Use this as your image.